An emerging and innovative health system

California joins an emerging movement of states and communities throughout the nation that are adopting the ACH model.

Think national, act local

13 communities across the state have embraced the promise of Accountable Communities for Health and are actively engaged in efforts to make the ACH a reality. Local communities are creating enduring health infrastructures that can respond to community needs for years to come. CACHI is supporting each of these sites, and will advocate for health policies that advance their efforts. And CACHI will share what we're learning in California and throughout the country to help others successfully implement ACH’s in their own region.

13 Accountable Communities for Health

Boyle Heights Health Innovation Community Partnership

Striving for health equity and improved health outcomes for our most vulnerable residents through deepened clinical-community connections.

Fresno County Health Improvement Partnership

Implementing policies, systems and environments to produce measurable improvements in health.

Humboldt Community Health Trust

Addressing alcohol and other drug use disorders to cultivate a safer, healthier and more socially connected community.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Imperial County Accountable Community for Health

Improving asthma outcomes for children and families.


Hope Rising Lake County

Leading a joint effort, and leveraging their resources and influence, to improve the overall health and wellness of Lake County.

All Children Thrive Long Beach

Creating a city where all children have the opportunity to thrive.

All in for Health Merced County

Preventing and improving outcomes for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and associated depression.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression

West Sacramento Accountable Community for Health Initiative

Convening a multi-sector alliance of health, local government and community partners to promote healthy lives and happy hearts.

Cardiovascular Disease

San Diego Accountable Community for Health

Harnessing the power of partnership to redefine our health system.

Healthy San Gabriel Valley

Creating a healthy, safe and resilient San Gabriel Valley.

Healing South Stockton

Helping children and adults in South Stockton thrive and live free of trauma.


East San Jose PEACE Partnership

Preventing violence and trauma that affects youth, families and the community in East San Jose.

Violence & trauma

Health Action Sonoma County

Addressing the leading cause of death in the county through resident engagement and sustainable financing.

Cardiovascular disease