Healing South Stockton

Helping children and adults in South Stockton thrive and live free of trauma.

Healing South Stockton

San Joaquin County and South Stockton leaders are coming together in an unprecedented way to improve the health and well-being of their community. In San Joaquin County, too many people live under harmful conditions that result in poor health. Situations like this require going beyond the hospital and traditional approaches around health and healing.

Many residents in South Stockton experience high rates of trauma. The trauma stems from, and contributes to, intergenerational poverty, lack of economic development, educational inequities, shortages of housing and jobs, and poor neighborhood conditions. Trauma, when paired with insufficient supportive services and high exposures to violence, can lead to poor health. In this community, it disproportionately affects young people, people of color, and low-income communities.

Uniting South Stockton to Improve Health

Healing South Stockton is developing a comprehensive effort to reduce trauma through the Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) model.

Leadership by the South Stockton Promise Zone to bring together local stakeholders to reduce violence, has laid the foundation in the form of the ACH in this region. The ACH model, in concert with these existing efforts, aligns the strategies and programs across health care, social service agencies, schools, nonprofit organizations, and others in a collective effort to build more sustainable and coordinated alliances for a healthier county.

Reducing violence and trauma is just the first step. Bolstering South Stockton Promise Zone’s multi-sector partnerships will make it possible to successfully work together on other emerging health issues in the years to come.


  • Community Medical Centers
  • Dignity Health
  • Health Plan of San Joaquin
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Public Health Advocates
  • Reinvent South Stockton
  • San Joaquin County Health Care Services Agency
  • Stockton Unified School District

Transforming South Stockton Through Partnerships

As part of the larger South Stockton Promise Zone, Healing South Stockton ACH coordinates multiple sectors to implement interventions and strategies to build stronger, accessible, culturally-competent support systems that address the underlying causes of trauma.

South Stockton Promise Zone has been working to improve the overall health, educational, and economic outcomes of South Stockton neighborhoods that have been underfunded and underserved for decades. Healing South Stockton is one section of this collaborative that has ensured all of the domains of work in the Promise Zone (issues in housing, health, employment, education, and public safety) have been incorporated into plans for reducing trauma and improving overall health outcomes. This collaboration has played a key role in aligning efforts across the work and eliminating silos between partnerships.

This type of comprehensive, multi-sector initiative requires ongoing and sustainable resources. A new and exciting aspect of the ACH is the establishment of a local Wellness Fund that weaves together a variety of funding streams and financing approaches to both sustain the ACH and invest in strategies needed to improve community health. This will demonstrate to potential local funders how local businesses, health plans, hospitals, and other potential investors will benefit from taking part in this initiative. The sustainability plan also includes efforts to utilize high cost savings by leveraging Medi-Cal managed care plans with Promise Zone health partners like San Joaquin County government and Stockton Unified School District.


San Joaquin County is bringing together a series of interventions that connect and align to successfully address issues leading to trauma. This includes:

  • Pushing for school-based health centers and other resources to increase access to youth
  • Advocating for policies that build more affordable housing
  • Working with traditional health providers to integrate behavioral health with more traditional clinical screenings
  • Training Promise Zone partners and other community based organizations serving residents to provide trauma-informed services and referrals to culturally relevant supports
  • Promoting data sharing between organizations to better track impact and improvements with trauma

To learn more and get involved with Healing South Stockton, contact Amy Portello Nelson at aportellonelson@tidescenter.org.

To learn more about CACHI and the ACH model across California, please contact Barbara Masters at CACHImgr@communitypartners.org or visit www.CACHI.org.

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