San Diego Accountable Community for Health

Creating a heart attack and stroke free zone through a “dual-approach” that combines county-wide efforts and prioritizes communities of focus.

San Diego leaders are developing a comprehensive effort to end heart attacks and strokes in the region through a new model, the Accountable Community for Health (ACH). This new approach acknowledges that people’s health is strongly affected by their community context. Among these factors are race, socio-economic status, education, and the physical environment.

Significant progress has been made to reduce the impacts of cardiovascular disease, but more work remains to be done. We know that 70% of current heart attacks and strokes are preventable.

Uniting San Diego County to Improve Health

Hospitals, business leaders, community-based organizations, churches, and other respected institutions throughout San Diego are partnering together to make San Diego a healthier place for everyone.

Ending heart attacks and strokes is just the first step. These multi‑sector partnerships will make it possible to successfully work together on other emerging health issues in the years to come.

By bringing together a range of individuals and organizations across multiple sectors, San Diego can create a new vision of a “system for health” instead of a healthcare system — one that fundamentally changes health outcomes, promotes prevention, enables diverse institutions to work in alignment, and maximizes the use of limited resources and funds.

ACH PARTNERS: (partial list)

  • 2-1-1 San Diego
  • Be There San Diego
  • Community Health Improvement Partners
  • Hunger Coalition of San Diego
  • Integrated Health Partners
  • Mental Health America
  • Multicultural Health Foundation
  • Project New Village
  • San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
  • San Diego Health Connect
  • United African American Ministerial Action Council

Transforming San Diego Through Partnerships

With Be There San Diego acting as the backbone, the San Diego ACH is taking a dual approach to create ideal cardiovascular health across the entire lifespan — establishing a countywide table for planning and coordination, while simultaneously implementing a tailored network of solutions in local communities of high need like Southeastern San Diego. In these communities, the ACH works with local leaders and organizations to catalyze current efforts promoting heart health.

While collaboration among various agencies is certainly not new in San Diego, the ACH is helping the region become more connected and prevention-oriented. A new and exciting aspect of the ACH is the establishment of a local Wellness Fund that weaves together a variety of funding streams and financing approaches to both sustain the ACH and invest in strategies needed to improve community health.


The San Diego ACH brings together a group of strategies that connect and align to address the underlying issues leading to heart attacks and strokes. Initiatives underway include:

  • Mobilizing faith-based organizations to promote nutrition, physical activity, and appropriate treatment for high risk individuals
  • Increasing access to treatment, education, and health coaching for cardiovascular risk factors within neighborhood community centers
  • Providing community-based blood pressure screenings with clinical referrals as needed
  • Developing and disseminating a set of evidence based recommendations for preventing heart disease in clinical settings

To learn more and get involved with the San Diego Accountable Community for Health, contact Kitty Bailey, Executive Director of Be There San Diego at

To learn more about CACHI and the ACH model across California, please contact Barbara Masters at or visit the website at

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